RDX T17 Aura Training Shorts

RDX T17 Aura Training Shorts

An Aura shines brightest when it’s moving, improving and evolving. An important component of good gym attire is unhindered, free and comfy movement. Get to doing those crunches, leg presses and stretches or better yet running, yoga or general calisthenics with zero restrictions. Our shorts are sewn from signature performance polyester fiber that is form fitting and provides ample breathability. Lift, train, run with confidence knowing this pair of shorts can handle any type of situation.

  • Performance polyester is everything you need for a good training session – durable, light and breathable
  • The fabric is lined with anti-microbial material that kills all bacteria and fungi
  • Wicks sweat away efficiently for a more comfortable dry training experience
  • The shorts stay crisp and resilient whether dry or wet
  • Anti-stretch technology enables the shorts to retain their form even after multiple wears


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