RDX X4 Box Star Pro Punch Bag with Gloves

RDX X4 Box Star Pro Punch Bag with Gloves

For an all-in-one training kit, look no further than the RDX Genuine Cowhide Leather Punch Bag & Boxing Gloves. This deal includes boxing gloves, heavy duty punch bag and hanger, with each component manufactured to the highest standard – just as you’d expect from RDX. Our Filled punch bag is crafted from highly durable cowhide and boasts a duo-layer design for added resilience. This is complimented with our patent pending hanging ring mechanism that allows the bag to withstand all you can throw at it.

  • Punch bag available in 4ft size
  • 12oz and 16oz boxing gloves available
  • Stylish white and gold design unique to RDX
  • Highly durable construction for career-long use, using quality cowhide leather and super strong stitching
  • All-in-one kit, suitable for kickboxing, muay thai, MMA and more


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