About Us

BoxingFit Academy is all round fitness for everybody.

We are affiliated through the England Boxing and have qualified trainers/coaches that are DBS cleared. We also have qualified professional trainers/coaches for those who have the desire, skill and ambition to pursue a Professional Boxing career

Everybody is welcome into the gym, male or female, no matter what your level of  fitness or what your ambitions may be, if you want to lose weight, tone up, learn how to box for fitness or learn how to box for competition or just to improve your general fitness, everybody gets treated equally.

BoxingFit Academy was established in August 2011 by Frank Collins. Frank has been involved in boxing for 30 years and has  a lot of experience competing up and down the country, having the privilege to train in lots of different amateur and professional gyms, gaining a lot of  ideas and experience along the way.

“I have always loved competing but I have always got myself  involved in the coaching aspects of the sport as well. I started my journey at an amateur boxing club in my home town of  Winsford, moving on to other amateur clubs in Warrington and professional clubs in Irlam and Tameside, Manchester. Here, I worked alongside some top coaches and boxers, putting me in good stead for the Boxing club” – Frank Collins

“I started boxing back in the early 70’s, at Droylsden Amateur Boxing Club, where I competed in a number of amateur contests, I then joined the Royal Fusiliers, where I took the boxing skills I had developed from Manchester as a junior. Other than my general army duties, boxing  played a big  part of my military life. I furthered my boxing experience in the army by competing in inter-unit bouts and got up to regiment level, I was also fortunate enough to train alongside some top coaches and boxers, such as Nigel Benn, all of which has put me in good stead for the boxing club, as alot of my motivational techniques, knowledge and experience come from my military background” – Martin Dunwoody.

We run regular boxing shows throughout the year, here is where our competitors get to test their skills against other boxers from different clubs throughout the country. We also take our competitors to other clubs’ boxing shows, where they compete in competitions and gain experience.

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