Fairtex Black Full Face Headguard

Fairtex Black Full Face Headguard

The Fairtex Full Face Headguard offers the ultimate face protection, reinventing the “face-saver” headgear in an original new design. Ideal for when you need more protection during sparring, if you are recovering from a nose injury but still need to train or if you have had nose surgery.

Offers a wide diagonal view, eliminating blind spots the same as the HG13 headguard.

The nose and mouth are protected by a reinforced metal plate, covered with high quality foam with additional air holes for easy breathing.

Reinforced cheek and chin padding to accommodate the metal plate design and maintain it’s durability. Has a windshield for extra ear protection.

  • Metal plate protects nose and mouth
  • Full range of vision
  • Reinforced cheek and chin padding
  • Handmade in Thailand


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