RDX PC 6 Hook Punch Bag Chains

RDX PC 6 Hook Punch Bag Chains

This 6 strand boxing bag chain is ideal for use in smaller gym spaces, such as a garage or a multipurpose workout area. Cut from industrial strength steel and reinforced with 6 shatterproof panels, this punching bag hanging chain can take up to 100kg in weight. And because the hardware is powder coated for resilience, it’s ideal for use outdoors in any climate. An ergonomic design that doesn’t compromise on holding power.

  •  HG-Steel™ built 6 strand chain for unbreakable strength
  •  Powder coated metal for punch bag chains that endure all weather
  • Strong steel swivel designed to handle up to 100kg heavy bags
  • Ergonomically engineered making it ideal for smaller gym spaces


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